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I'm a happily married crafter. Our grown daughter is the light of my world. And the fact that our son-in-law gets that makes him pretty special in my book! My daughter shares in my creativity! I've been scrapbooking for over 15 yrs but now mostly make cards to sell. I love mixed media, mini's, and altered art! My favorite thing is to scrap with friends in My Happy Place!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I'm finding this difficult, keeping up this blog. I haven't posted forever! Finding it hard to do without a computer and only have my iPad. So maybe for now I can just write.
This past weekend I went to a Scrapbook Expo with my friend Pam. We had a wonderful time! Our friend Sharon met us there. Sharon had never been there before. She draws, and very well I might add. She even won the door prize which was $100 in show-bucks! She spent it all in the Stampers Anonymous booth! She had never seen Tim Holtz products before but she was SOLD😄! Legs and feet got tired so we needed a break. After finding a place to sit in the cafeteria or dining room, we did a little  " show n tell"  of all we bought and then Sharon told me something that really struck a cord with me. Simple words but powerful indeed. Something I really needed to hear.
She said,  "Art Cannot Be Judged!"
I'm like...wait a minute. I make cards and if anyone is interested in buying them I'll sell them. But I've had (one lady in particular) say my card was so-so.😭 It hurt me deeply. I won't make cards for her anymore but I'm afraid to make them for anyone now. Sharon said that she draws and some will look at the drawing and says  'this part doesn't look right' or something like that. Sharon says  "No, this is actually what it looks like to ME."  We don't all see things the same! And it doesn't matter. We should not judge ourselves or  judge others either. I make cards the way I see the design in my own mind.  Great and powerful words to meditate on... "ART CANNOT BE JUDGED".


  1. LOVE you (((VANESSA)))!!! I typed this, but I don't think it went thru because I hadn't signed in... I used to be bothered by what people would say, but I FINALLY got to a point where I was okay with things because I did it for ME!!! Keep on doing what you do if you enjoy it... do it because YOU want to & YOU can!!! :-) <3

    1. Hi Vannesa,please don't worry about other people.
      Your friend was correct,art cannot be judged,keep up the good work!

    2. Thank you Trish. I'm so happy you stopped by. All I have is my iPad now so I have trouble figuring out how to add photos and updating my blog. Someday I will😄

  2. well said Vanessa .. art is a very personal thing ... we all see with different eyes and that is what makes art so fantastic .. keep going .. you are awesome hugz to you x

    1. Thank you Heather! Hugs back atcha!😉