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I'm a happily married crafter. Our grown daughter is the light of my world. And the fact that our son-in-law gets that makes him pretty special in my book! My daughter shares in my creativity! I've been scrapbooking for over 15 yrs but now mostly make cards to sell. I love mixed media, mini's, and altered art! My favorite thing is to scrap with friends in My Happy Place!

Friday, May 31, 2013

On A Sad Note...

My beloved dog, Poogie died last Friday, May 24th.  :(  He was 12- 1/2 yrs. old.  He was very sick and my heart is broken. Pooga boy was the best dog ever. So incredibly smart and we miss him so much! I held him first and I was the one that held him last. I miss him when I go to bed at night. He'd follow me in and lay down in his bed and... he'd suck on his blanket! Funniest thing ever! He was so sweet! Poogie is a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix. He was the runt of the bunch. 2lbs when we got him! Our daughter didn't like to eat the ends off a banana so she'd cut them off and Poogie was right there to catch em and eat them up :) He loved them. You couldn't sneak into the kitchen and snap a banana off from the rest without him hearing you and he'd be right there. :) He didn't like it if I stayed up late and he'd come in the office and scratch at me cuz he wanted to go to bed...but not alone. Now, I'm the one that feels alone :(  I miss you bubba <3

Retirement Card

Fun, fast card I whipped up for a friend to send to her aunt who is retiring :) My friend loved it! I'm so glad and I really hope her aunt likes it too